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Family Law Amendment Bill 2023

In October 2023 two pieces of legislation were passed in Parliament to improve the outcomes for Australians that are separating, by making the process simpler, safer and more accessible.

What the Bill means for children

This proposed amendment to the Family Law Act 1975 via the Family Law Amendment Bill 2023, is largely intended to further facilitate the best interests of children.  The desired outcome is that it should be easier to navigate and implement parenting decisions whether they be in or out of the court.  The focus is on children’s welfare.

In  order to prioritise the safety of children, courts will under the the new information sharing orders have direct and more timely access to information from police, child protection and firearms agencies on matters that could place children at risk.

The presumption from the provisions of the Family Law Act of 1975 of “equal shared parental responsibility” do not necessarily follow, as they improperly exposed the children to risk and compromised safety.

These changes have set out after much consultation and consensus and address a range of concerns and considerations surrounding the family unit and the courts.  To find out more, you may contact us and arrange an appointment or should you like to explore this further on your own we have listed some resources below.

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