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Dianne Grace Family Law

Family Law is all we do. We specialise and focus on what is important to you.


Our advice is based on our client’s best interests and instruction. We will encourage you to seek the optimal outcome and provide legal advice in readily understood terms...


The breakdown of a relationship and the traumas we face when confronted with family law matters requires not just empathy and understanding...


The diverse training and experience Dianne has had in the top law practices in Australia covering varying areas of Law, coupled with her tenacity to succeed are undeniable advantages for her clients...

Comprehensive Legal Advice and Guidance for all Family Law Matters

Why choose Dianne Grace Family Law?

The benefits of experience cannot be underestimated when it comes to the practice of law.  Despite years of success in commercial law, teaching and other specialties Dianne has chosen to focus on the area of Law that she gains enormous satisfaction from.  You will benefit from the proficiency and wisdom gained within and outside of these disciplines.

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Choosing a family solicitor.

What is important to you should not be any different to what is important to your family law solicitor in terms of dedication and focus to ensuring the well being of children and a fair and just outcome. We do not encourage vengeance nor retribution as it is neither productive nor healthy to be acting out of malice nor with the encumbrance of unresolved conflict.  If your head and heart are not in the right place, do not expect to get “motherly” advice because compassion without sound guidance may seem comforting at first but will it lead to the outcomes that will protect and optimise your future finances and lifestyle? 


Professional and considered legal advice.

Most of us need to take time out to deal with separation and divorce.  Studies have shown that the steps we go through in our grief need to be experienced before we can move on.  Allow yourself to feel and process the matters that need to be addressed and accept that your state of being as part of a natural course of events.

Where are the best family lawyers in Melbourne?

The best family lawyers in Melbourne don’t have to be based in the City where transport and parking become added issues for those that aren’t already based in the heart of Melbourne. Greater overheads and larger offices do not necessarily translate to better services. The labyrinthine of technical, personal and legal components that make up family law requires a depth of experience and knowledge to enable one to navigate financial arrangements, property settlements, child custody, child maintenance, spousal maintenance, intervention orders and/or domestic violence abuses all of which will hopefully end in mediation or arbitration rather than in the courts.

Why should I consider Dianne Grace Family Law?

When you are ready, we can help guide and advise you towards resolution and eventually peace of mind.  Your advantage with Dianne is that she has held a number of senior positions in major law firms.  She is extensively experienced and practiced in commercial law and litigation, equities and trusts and even medico-legal issues.  Perhaps even more salient, is the fact that at Dianne Grace Family Law we are focussed wholly and solely on family law and that her track record speaks for itself.  We will leverage our skills and experience to attend to the details and matters at hand so that eventually you may begin anew.

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