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Dianne Grace Family Lawyer

A solicitor with compassion, knowledge and tenacity.

The daughter of a senior member of the Australia’s Defence Force, Dianne was raised in various locations. She has lived in Singapore and Hong Kong as a young girl and has travelled throughout various parts of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia as an adult. This has provided Dianne with an insight and sensitivity to contrasting cultures, lifestyles and values.

An individual with empathy and compassion, Dianne will provide you clarity and understanding that can be crucial when dealing with issues that may be confusing and overwhelming.  Her communication style is personable, thoughtful and approachable. Dianne’s experience will help you resolve your issues with a minimum of fuss and she will help guide you to the find the best possible solution to your family law problem moving forward.

A mix of skills, expertise and experience in law to support the success of your case.

In terms of career, Dianne practiced commercial law  in the Litigation Technology Support Group of Clayton Utz – one of the “big six.” Prior to entering private practice Dianne taught Medico-Legal Issues at Queensland University of Technology and tutored in Equity and Trusts, as well as Constitutional Law.  Keen to develop her skills and experiences further, Dianne has been a Senior Associate, in charge of the Family Law Division of a Melbourne firm for several years.

Prior to this, Dianne was partner of a North Queensland practice where Dianne lived for 12 years. Dianne worked as a family law practitioner during this time. She has just recently moved to Balwyn North and is enjoying her move to Melbourne. From her office in Doncaster East, Dianne continues to focus on her expertise as a Family Law practitioner and having set up shop within the offices of Sally Nicolazzo & Associates around January 2023, she is keen to support and service the local community of Manningham and it’s neighbouring areas.

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Your best outcome with a solicitor who cares.

Family law is a complicated and potentially convoluted branch of law.  Draw on Dianne’s extensive skills and successes and resolution.  A legal matters covering divorce and separation, property and financial settlements, child custody and support, court appearances (by way of briefs to barristers), intervention orders, mediation and arbitration without the jargon and dealt with effectively.  Although collaborative and keen to avoid conflict that may give rise to unnecessary costs, Dianne is a fierce advocate for obtaining a fair and just outcome for her clients and has won a significant proportion of her cases in and out of court. 

A focussed and affordable family law firm that will help protect your rights.

Her own divorce left her with two boys to raise on her own. This experience allows her to understand and appreciate first hand, the impacts and issues that one goes through at what can often be challenging and tumultuous times.  Dianne’s compassion extends to her practice.  By operating as a sole practitioner, she is able to keep costly overheads to a minimum and dedicate herself to providing specialized legal expertise in an affordable manner.  Her clients will receive focused advice, expedient resolution and commitment in all matters to do with Family Law.  If Dianne’s professionalism, expertise and knowledge seems to be the high quality representation you seek, we invite you to call now or book a time via our form in this link to discuss how Dianne Grace Family Law can help protect you and your rights.

“From my experience, if you focus on what’s best for the children and each other after the decision to go your separate ways has been made, everyone will be better off.   I seek to achieve collaborative, expedient and comprehensive resolution so that my clients don’t get any more nasty surprises and are able to get on with life.”

Dianne Grace

Our Law Practice

We are a boutique law firm and we only practice family law. Once you are ready to have a conversation we are here to help.  We will provide thoughtful legal expertise and guidance to reach your objectives.  Our advice is based on experience and intended to deliver the best outcomes for you and your child(ren).  History has shown that one cannot be “too early” when it comes to getting sound legal advice.  So if you feel that it may be beneficial to enquire on the provision of documentation, establishing plans and proposals or instituting proceedings do not leave yourself in the dark or without valuable information and guidance that could have long term impacts on your future and the well being of your family.  A meeting to consult with us on these issues may be all that is needed to provide a level of comfort and certainty that you may need to get some peace of mind.   

Family Law is all we do


We understand the challenges of going through the turmoil and gut wrenching process of divorce. When coping with separation and divorce although it may not feel like it at the time, it is cathartic to endure the stages of this experience to allow ourselves to move on. We seek to achieve collaborative, expedient and comprehensive resolution. Avoiding conflict allows us to move on and can reduce potential costs significantly. We try to enable our clients to go forward with new and hopefully brighter futures.


The inextricable connection between knowledge and experience is vital to the successful practice of law. To have both not only gives you wisdom but also provides undeniable leverage. We have the skills and experiences which allows us to find opportunities not recognised by others. To win cases that could have otherwise been lost.


After we have listened to your situation and what you need from a lawyer. Our role is to advise and support on legal matters. We do not make judgements nor impose our beliefs upon you. Do NOT expect “free” consultations but DO expect us to give you sound, open and honest legal advice. We will balance it out with pragmatism, compassion and experience.

What you need to know about Family Law

First and foremost are the children.  Where such dependants are involved, their welfare is paramount.  The courts will seek to ensure that their needs are catered for and will give  consideration to a child’s support, ability to live in a protected, secure environment and have meaningful relationships with the adults in their life.  We have provided references to the various areas of family law throughout our Services pages for your convenience and assistance.  This information is limited and cannot be applied without knowing the full circumstances of your particular situation.  Seek the advice of a solicitor so that you can make informed decisions.

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